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Name :  The outing

About : I had always been so reluctant to write blog posts for guidebook: baby. I just didn’t feel that they were needed. However I started to do more proper outings, not just popping to sainsbury’s or the soft play, with the twins and realised that there was more information I could share with parents than the reviews being submitted.

It has taken me over a year to brave these outings. I now understand what Michael McIntyre means in this clip

Getting two 1 year olds out the house before midday, and myself when seriously sleep deprived, is a challenge but the sense of achievement when I do is pretty incredible. I use to have a fairly serious job where I felt like I was important and was listened to. It has been a little bit of a shock to be reduced to begging my 1 year old daughter to let me buckle her in the car. (Side note – this does not bode well for the teenage years.)

Doing something different for the day is so rewarding when I see their little faces and makes the day pass a little faster. Being a stay at home mum is great and I am so lucky to be able to do it but sometimes I can feel my braincells dissolving as i watch ‘Justin Fletcher’ or ‘In the night garden’ so getting out and about is great for me too.

I hope, like with the rest of guidebook: baby, that this helps someone else get out and about.


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