THE OUTING – Flip out E6 (East Ham)

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Flip out E6 (Click here for more information e.g. costs)

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Trampolines, Slide, Climbing wall, Indoor caving & potholing, Lazer maze, Ninja obstacle course, Foam pit, Soft play.

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There is a SCI-FI diner with pizza, chips, chicken etc.

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Free parking on site or you can get the tube to Upton Park or East Ham station. It is approx a 10 min walk to Flip out from the tube stations.

My friend Clare had mentioned spending the day at a trampoline park with her little one and her nieces. I was intrigued by this, but didn’t feel brave enough to attempt this trip on my own. Grandpa was on twin duty with me and I was feeling a little wicked so I decided that he was to be the poor sod to accompany me for this excursion.

I managed to miss the car park initially, so we cruised up the Barking Road looking for parking; it is impossible to park. Do use the car park if you are driving.

Waivers signed, buggy parked, locker filled and trend-setting neon socks on; we were ready to go.

I couldn’t quite believe that we had the whole place to ourselves. Where was everybody?

My little girl went for it and ran across the trampolines occasionally stoping to have a little bounce and giggle. My little boy was quite untrusting of the wobbly floor and skirted round the edges. Grandpa, who said he was just going to watch, had to go back to get some socks for himself so he could join in the fun.

There was a young lad working there (who we shall call ‘Jack’) who showed us the ropes and tried to encourage us to be a bit braver with our bouncing acrobatics. It was during one of my more ambitious bounces I was really happy that the twins had ‘come out the sunroof’ and that my pelvic floor is still pretty in tact.


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The twins went off to investigate the foam pits and while we were there ‘Jack’ encouraged me to bounce and dive into the pit. Take my advice; don’t do it. I realised too late, when I was in the pit unable to get up. Lying there worrying that they may have to get a crane to remove me as I didn’t fancy their chances of pulling me out, my little boy came over to the side to ‘help’ me. His help consisted of taking my glasses, so not only was a stuck but I was now blind too. Luckily ‘Jack’ told me to flip over and pretend I was climbing stairs. Eventually I was free. I’m never going in a foam pit again, even armed with the knowledge of how to get out.

We were all exhausted at this point, I think the adults more than the twins, so we decided to head home. I had so much fun and felt like I had done some exercise (something that hasn’t occurred much in the first year of having twins!). Getting washed can be a massive achievement, so going for a run just isn’t going to happen.

Mr Guidebook was so jealous that we went back the next Saturday again. We both spent Saturday night complaining about our muscles.

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