THE OUTING – Willows Activity Farm (London Colney)

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Willows Activity Farm (Click here for more information e.g. costs)



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Petting barn, Farm areas, Tractor rides, Peter Rabbit meet & greet, Peter Rabbit Show, Arcade style games, Bouncy Castle, Sand pit park, Play Park, Climbing frame area, Soft play, Play village, Digger/ car play area. There are other activities at different times of year like pumpkin patches & mazes. Check the website for details.


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There is a cafe, canteen style eatery and picnic areas.



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Driving is the easiest way to get there as it is just off the M25. You can get the train to St Albans and then catch the no.84 bus.

A random Tuesday in November I was on my own for the day with the Twins. I had looked at the classes I could do to keep them occupied for the day and then decided to live dangerously instead. I packed up the car, no mean feat with two 1 year olds in tow. They obviously ‘helped’ by adding to our stash for the day; our remote control is surprising well travelled.

Thankfully, they slept for the whole journey and when we arrived I had a moment of panic wondering why I was going to attempt this as our first lone outing. I asked myself, why not do something more simple? Mr Guidebook rang at that point, I boasted about my ‘A’ grade parenting performance of getting here, and there was no backing out.

First stop was the petting farm, the twins were able to get up close to lots of animals and feed them. There were lots of excited squeals at this point so I felt I was winning already. 

We then cruised round the farm and I wished I had brought the mega buggy (Bugaboo) as the Maclaren struggled with the paths. We visited the play park and sand pit park where the twins careened about looking to hurt themselves. I met another mum by the swings, looking as cold as I did, who informed me that the ‘Peter Rabbit’ show was about to start.

We hotfooted over to get some decent seats and I sat wondering whether this was going to be a disaster. The twins struggled to sit through anything over 5 minutes so I placed myself by the door ready to leg it in case it all went tits up and my two made a scene. How wrong was I? Squirrel Nutkin holds an audience of toddlers like Robbie Williams holds an audience of  sauvignon-soaked 30-somethings.  My two went bonkers, as did all the other little ones, they were dancing, reaching for him and ‘singing’ along. 


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Next stop was lunch. It was a bargain as I ordered one kids meal for the twins to share (Mac ‘n’ cheese and salad). I felt trying to eat lunch myself at the same time might be too ambitious. The portion was so generous that there was enough food for all of us, I didn’t just have to get by on the left over scraps. The soft play area is right next to the dining areas so while I attempted to clean up the ‘droppings’ you get from feeding toddlers, the twins were able to play.

Our time was running out before the next nap so I decided to head over the play village for the final part of the day. The twins decided that we would just spend the whole time in the kitchen area and they obviously didn’t want any other kids to join us as they both simultaneously pooed. The smell was pretty throat catching, and when I couldn’t take it any longer I made my way to the baby changing for the quickest nappy change possible. 

They fell asleep before we left the car park and I felt like superwoman for having managed the day. There was so much we still hadn’t explored, I can’t wait to take them back.

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