THE OUTING – Greenwich Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum Greenwich (Click here for more information e.g. costs)


Large role play area, AHOY! gallery. Big map with boat to pull little ones on and tablets for older kids. Play and song sessions on Tuesdays. Exhibitions.


There is a cafe and restaurant. My top tip would be to head to the Plum Tree Cafe for lunch afterwards.


You can drive and park in the car park on Park Row or the Museum’s car park at the weekend. Or get the train to Greenwich. Or Get the DLR to Island Garden stop and walk through the foot tunnel under the Thames.


I had heard mention that the Maritime Museum was a great outing. I wasn’t entirely convinced having never had a massive interest in Maritime associated things.

I investigated, and realised it was much quicker to brave the ‘Blackwall’ and drive for this outing. The museum’s website claimed they had parking so I thought I was set. The journey itself was so easy but I quickly realised the museum car park was only for use at the weekends. While searching for parking, I got stuck in the one way loop system, only to realise there was a car park across the road.

I loaded up the twins into the buggy and we hot-footed it over to the museum to meet our helper for the day, Grandpa. 

We quickly found the AHOY! Gallery as we just followed all the yummy-mummies (not a dig, I wish I was a yummy-mummy) and stream of buggies. The twins were so eager to head in that they were straining at their buggy straps.

They spent a lot of time in the ‘Rock pools & Seaside’ area. They both got behind the ice cream shop and shouted random nonsense at other children (hoping someone else understood what they were trying to get at).

I eventually dragged the twins off to explore the engine room, fishing area and fishmongers. They both loved it. My little girl tried to steal the shovel from the engine room and drag it around behind her. My little boy kindly went round handing out plastic mussels to everyone. 2 hours passed in a flash.


I decided to take a look at the big map upstairs. Someone had mentioned it to me and I was intrigued (but thought it would be a bit crap). The twins went bonkers, they ran, they lay down, they screamed and rolled on the floor. It was the weirdest thing. I just didn’t think it would excite them so much, shows how little I know. When we went back the next time there was even a little boat that they could be pulled along on just adding to the fun.

I felt exhausted and so it was time for lunch. One of my NCT crew recommended a cafe nearby. The Plum Tree Cafe was the perfect spot to have lunch with the twins. The food was bloody amazing – there was a play area/ tree house/ toys and books. It was one of the best places I have been to in ages! 

To top off this cracking day the twins didn’t fall asleep in the car but in their cots when we got home. 2 hours to myself to recover from running after the twins. I LOVE NAP TIME! Find me a parent who doesn’t!

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