THE OUTING – Baby Raving

Lots of different venues (Click here for more information e.g. where & how much)


This is venue dependent, but all the events we have attended have had a soft play area, some crafting areas, circus performers, dance area and food.


Best to eat before dancing. (But there is a good selection of hard- and soft-drinks!)


Depends upon venue. We drove and parked for “raves” in Hackney and Canary Wharf.


Creepy Facebook obviously knows far too much about me because one night while up feeding the twins at an ungodly hour it suggested that maybe I would like to attend a ‘baby rave’. Bearing in mind that I probably had only previously seen this hour of the night following a cracking night out; it made me wistful for my carefree days of messy weekends and trips to Ibiza (last year was the first year in over 15 years that I haven’t visited the ‘White Isles’). When Mr Guidebook woke in the morning I was very excited about the outing. We invited some friends that still have ‘it’. ‘Auntie’ Sarah impressed me by coming along even though she had been on a ‘real’ night out the night before.

We were apprehensive as we waited outside the club as the venue for the rave had recently made the press for some less than glamorous reasons. We walked in together, safety in numbers and all that. In the area that I am sure is usually dedicated to ‘Smirting’ (smoking & flirting) was rammed with buggies. This was clearly going to be a very different experience.

Before you entered I could hear the beat of a classic ‘Sweet Harmony’, the lights were dim, there was that slight stench of beer and smoke machines. Once you adjusted to the dim lights you could see the toddlers and little ones stampeding around waving glow sticks and attempting to catch the bubbles and balloons that seemed to be everywhere.

There were two craft (not craft beer) areas but our two were still at the stage of sticking everything in their mouths so we headed to the bar. Hurrah they were serving alcohol! Beers all round, which felt like an odd experience as we hadn’t been out drinking since the twins were born, we felt giddy.

We took the twins to investigate the soft play area in the hope we could have a chat and enjoy our beers. They were pretty happy crawling around investigating while we enjoyed the music. 

There seems to be an unwritten rule that parents must exchange chat with each other at times like this. Being a twin mum the opening line often used to me is one of these three permutations ‘Are they twins? I don’t know how you manage with twins. How old are the twins?’ I always feel that having the twins is my excuse card for why I haven’t done my make up/ hair/ dressed well/ look so tired/ put on weight etc. This excuse was shattered at the baby rave. In walked this couple who were more glamorous, slim, gorgeous than any of the other parents. They looked well rested and calm. Then they placed their triplets, only 2 months older than the twins, into the soft play. I had serious jealousy issues then and there. Looking at the slender physique of the triplets parents we decided it was time to do some dancing.

2 hours passed really quickly and then it was time to head home. We enjoyed it so much we have been back to a few since then. I can’t wait till the twins can tell us we are being embarrassing with our dancing… bring it on!

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