THE OUTING – Museum of London (& lovely lunch)

Museum of London – Docklands (Click here for more information)



There is a dedicated play area that has water play, building area, weighing items, ships and a soft play. In the main museum there is a small Sainsbury’s play area, a bunker play area and old fashioned dock streets to walk through.

There is a decent cafe and restaurant in the museum. There are many choices round here of great places to eat. My top choices at the weekend at Tom’s Kitchen and Roka as they also have play areas for little ones.

You can get the tube, DLR, bus and driving is also an option.

This is my favourite current outing to do with the twins. I almost didn’t write about it as I wanted to keep it to myself. However Guidebook baby is all about sharing the love.

The reasons this is my top outing is that there is lots for the twins to do in the museum, then we can have a fab lunch (not just a sandwich devoured at speed) AND when the twins nap I can have a cheeky shop (while Mr Guidebook paces with the buggy outside).

The ‘in-laws’ were down for a visit so we decided to head to the Museum of London. They hadn’t been to Canary Wharf and I thought it would be the perfect day trip. (I had already scoped the facilities with Granny and Auntie Tam Tam).

We booked the twins into ‘Mudlarks Gallery’ to make sure we got a spot. This can be done the night before online; it can get quite busy at weekends so definitely book ahead.

They dragged Granny and Grandpa straight to the ‘River Thames’ water play area, they refused to put on the overalls that are provided so everyone got pretty damp sleeves. My little boy ran off in the directions of the bricks as there were ‘big’ boys there and my little girl went off to check out the weighing scales. At times like this I panic when I am on my own; which one do I follow or do I stay in the middle to watch both? I have decided after 17 months of practice that the best strategy is to watch from a point equidistant to both. Then move in on the one that looks most likely to injure themselves (or someone else!) Thankfully having the twins outnumbered on an outing takes this stress away.

The twins eventually went to investigate the softplay. By the time we had all removed our shoes to go in, they had got bored and wandered off to one of the other play areas. Both grandparents were looking pretty tired so they were relieved when the lady announced the hour session was up.

I had booked for us to go to Tom’s Kitchen for lunch. I loved going there for breakfast before the twins and thought the in-laws would like the food. I was as pleased as punch when we arrived because when we walked in there was a whole area filled with toys.

The kids menu had lots of choice. We opted for the fish and chips. It arrived so quickly that Mr Guidebook changed his mind about his order after seeing how good it looked. The twins gobbled it up and then were itching to run off. The toys and play area were such a massive hit that we were all able to enjoy our lunch. Mr Guidebook and I did have to eat in shifts as the play area was quite a way from our table but it was a small price to pay to enjoy real food. The bill arrived and we were even happier to see that we didn’t have to pay for the twins’ meal. Winner!

As soon as we left the restaurant the twins passed out. I convinced Mr Guidebook that I would only have a quick peek in the shops as we walked through to the tube. 1 1/2 hours later (and a little lighter in the wallet) we finally headed home. I told Mr Guidebook that there was a sale in Space NK and Zara, everything was half price. I hope he believed me…

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