Local Expert – Laurie/ Woodford, London

Name: Laurie

Instagram: @guidebookbaby

Hi, I am first time mum to boy girl twins. In-between getting no sleep and being run ragged by the twins,I like to get out exploring.  If i can get cake along the way even better. 

We have family all over the place, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Stow… I kept saying to Mr Guidebook I wished that there was an easy way to know what is going on for little ones when we were off visiting. Guidebook baby was born. x


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Favourite places to eat: I love eating! I particularly love it if I can get a cheeky bit of cake for desert and a glass of wine. My favourite places currently are…

  • Corner Kitchen in Forest Gate. Large play area downstairs, really kid friendly menu and amazing pizza.
  • The Larder in Wanstead. A play area (noticing a theme?), great place to meet for lunch and they do the most amazing salted caramel brownies.
  • Tom’s Kitchen in Canary Wharf. At the weekend they have an area filled with toys for little ones, an amazing brunch menu and the kids eat for free.

Locally, My favourite places to eat are Costa, near Woodford station, and Bel Sit, which is really kid friendly and the food is always really quick.

Favourite places to go : Outings with the twins have helped me keep my sanity. Spending all day in the house with two wild toddlers can be tough going. Outings make the day pass quicker. I do tend to travel a bit for my outings. My top places for an outing currently are

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Favourite places to shop for your little guides: Independent shops I like locally are Sid & Evie’s in South Woodford and Mother’s Hub in Walthamstow.

I am unable to walk past Jo Jo Maman Bebe and Zara Kids without buying something.

I love Petit Bateau but my wallet does not.


Favorite classes or groups: I have found my favourite groups to be the ones run by kind ladies in churches. When the twins were little, and taking them anywhere brought me out in a cold sweat, I took them to a baby group at a church near my house. When I arrived the ladies helped me carry them to the duvets and toys on the floor and then provided a drink with biscuits. I didn’t have to move at all. I miss those days, now I have to fend the twins off when trying to enjoy my biscuit.

I have also enjoyed Sing & Sign and Messy Mischief (always take a change of clothes).

Any other local tips?: Ask other mums and dads. All my best ideas have come from other parents.

Also totally unrelated but buy plastic toys second hand e.g. Jumparoos. Just makes so much more sense given how long they stay interested in them. I wish I had know this before I bought two Jumparoos at full price.

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