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Travelling with little ones (or big ones) can be pretty stressful. Guidebook baby is all about sharing tips that can make things a little less of a headache. There are lots of fab blogs out there that have tips for making journeys easier. My favourite tips are 

  • Having lots of snacks and treats.

  • Stocking filler type toys wrapped up for them to unwrap. Check out Tiger or Amazon for these.

  • Stickers and more stickers!

  • An abundance of Cbeebies downloaded on to a tablet.

I also like the Clooney's (George & Amal's) trick of handing out an apology, with ear plugs and sweets, in advance.


Airport tips 

Are the feeding areas, play areas and changing? Where are they?

  • UK
  • Europe
  • USA

Road trip tips

Where are the best pit stops that have feeding areas, play areas and changing?

Train/tube tips 

Coming soon!

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