Local Expert – Laurie/ Edinburgh

Name: Laurie

Instagram: @guidebookbaby

Hi, I am first time mum to boy girl twins. In-between getting no sleep and being run ragged by the twins,I like to get out exploring.  If i can get cake along the way even better. 

We have lots of family in Edinburgh so although we are London based we spend lots of time exploring here. x


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Favourite places to eat: My favourite places currently are…

  • Scran & Scallie in Stockbridge because it is the perfect place for lunch post a wander in the Botanic Gardens, the food is amazing and they have the best play area I have seen.
  • Hemma just off the Royal Mile as it is so child friendly.
  • Wings, also just off the Royal Mile, as it is pretty fun place to go and I imagine as the twins get older it will become a fave.
  • Leaf & Bean in Morningside as it has a cracking play area which you can contain the little ones if they like to roam and it has a choice of hot chocolate, which are pretty special.

Favourite places to go : We have only just started to really explore Edinburgh with the twins so I imagine there will be more to add to this soon.

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Favourite places to shop for your little guides: Independent shops I like in Edinburgh are

Favourite classes or groups: I haven’t yet manage to go to any groups in Edinburgh with the twins but I think I would definitely head to the Edinburgh Twin Club first.

Any other local tips?: Local Expert has really helped me with ideas for my little ones.

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