Local Expert – Rachael/ Highams Park, East London

Name: Rachael

Instagram: @rachaelminister 

Hello! I am Rachael, 34 and a first time mum. I am busy raising my little man (and 34 year old man too!) as well as working part-time. I love spending my time in Highams Park and Norfolk or heading off on travels around the globe.

Favourite places to eat: My favourite places to eat in Highams Park are Breeze (here) for myself but Ziggy’s (here) for my LO as not only are there toddler portions but toys, a play area and lovely gifts all under one roof.

Favourite places to go: My favourite place to go is the Maritime Museum Greenwich as there is so much to do for the little ones.

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Favourite places to shop for your little guides: I love John Lewis just because it is so baby friendly! In the first month of motherhood I went to John Lewis for my first shopping trip and thank god I did as it took all the stress out of ‘going out’!!!
I also like Sid & Evie’s in South Woodford – a cute independent children’s clothes store where I brought my boys first pair of shoes.

Favourite classes or groups: My absolute favourite group is the Tuesday or Thursday playgroup at Allsaints Church woodford. It is a lovely opportunity for new mums to get out the house, have a adult conversation and a cup of tea!
I also enjoyed Baby Yoga with Sally in Wanstead – Bhudda baby. It was a lovely class, very relaxing and I bonded with my little one. Plus Sally makes tasty cakes for everyone 🙂

Any other local tips?: In Highams Park head to the lake and the park for hours of fun. The library has a lovely music morning on a Wednesday (10.30am) and on a Friday there is a gym class in Winchester Church (10-10.45am) for only £3 a session.

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