Local Expert – Jemma, Nottingham

Name: Jemma

Website: Click here.

Instagram: @mymummymanual

Over at ‘My Mummy Manual’ blog and Instagram, it’s about all things mummy! Our adventures, my top tips, reviews and anything else I’ve learnt along the way.

Favourite places to eat: We love the Milk Lounge - baby and breastfeeding friendly.

Favourite places to go: We love the outdoors: parks, feeding the ducks, farms, walks in the sunshine (or more often than not the rain!)

We also love a good sing song at the local library.

Favourite places to shop for your little ones: Honestly, most of my shopping for my little one is done along with ‘the big shop’... (The same here, I never use to get why so many supermarkets had clothing in there, I do now! -GUIDEBOOK BABY)

Favourite classes or groups: We tried lots over the last year and a half - from sure start baby groups to massage and baby signing. We love them all!

Any other local tips?: Nottingham is full of things to do with baby/toddler - My mission is to try the lot!

All images were provided by Jemma.

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