about guidebook: baby

Before the twins, I regularly went out for dinner, drinks, cakes, you name it. I went there if there was food to be tried.
As a result of this extensive knowledge of places to consume my friend Ellie called me 'guidebook Laurie'.

When we had the twins last September I quickly realised that some of my favourite places were out the question because of our double buggy. I then started to worry about going to new places with the babies; will the buggy fit, will I be able to feed them without making the Daily Mail, will I be able to get to my table without having to rearrange the entire restaurant and most importantly will I be able to easily deal with poo explosions?

I scouted the internet looking for something to help me. The major review websites just didn't have the information I needed.
In the end I resorted to always ringing ahead.
Then I had a brainwave, what if parents could share this information with each other easily. Guidebook : baby was born.
I just hope this helps some new parents get out to get the cake (and wine) they deserve.
Guidebook Laurie x

TO DO - Things to do with your baby. Classes, sessions, activities playgroups.

TO EAT - Places to go and indulge in cake with your baby.

TO GO -Places to go with your baby. Museums, galleries, walks, beaches.

TO SHOP - Places to go shopping with your baby and where the facilities are. 

TO STAY - Places to go and stay with your baby. Hotels, b&bs, villas.

TO TRAVEL - Tips to make journeys easier